Meet the Locals · Oceanário


More and more, tourists want to position themselves as travelers. They want to experience the best of what is local, discover places where you are able to mingle with locals other than other tourists. The new campaign for Lisbon Oceanarium is made in order to emphasize this tourist profile, challenging potential visitors to get to know the “locals”.
“Locals” is a word that can be used to name people (or animals) or places and also points of interest. What is implicit is that the locals that are really important to visit are the animals, the plants and the 4 habitats of the Lisbon Oceanarium.
Tourists are quickly approached on arrival at Lisbon airport and piers when arriving on cruises with very direct and good mood “invitations” which welcome and introduce them to the “hosts” of Oceanarium.
The graphic line is clear on its purpose, coherent in the approach and contemporary in form.
Hardly anyone will remain indifferent to the friendly appeal of the “local habitants”.


In 15 seconds the “local habitants” capture the attention of the tourists heading to the baggage collection areas, with their movement reinforced by the informative infographics.
Director: Luís Branquinho
Edition: Rocky
Animation: Homem Bala


The 9 images (with a diameter of 2,5 meters each) applied on the floor of the baggage collection areas welcome visitors of the city, with humored titles drawing attention to the “local habitants”.

Cais do Cruzeiro

For those who arrive from the sea, as soon as they step on land they are invited, in a humored way, to visit the Oceanarium in two moments, the interior and exterior.