Wall Street English

Learning English in a team (Equipa).

Wall Street English has been in Portugal for more than 20 years, and stands from the competition for having a teaching method that is truly efficient. For 8 years now, A EQUIPA has taught Wall Street English how to speak the brand language.


The behavioral change that we suffered with the pandemic enhanced the flexibility positioning that Wall Street English already had. Learning is a lot more successful if it can be achieved where and when we want, and to reinforce that advantage, we thought of a national multimedia campaign with a provocative motto: ‘At our home our yours?.


The English language has the power to bring people and cultures together, the power to be used against what divides us, such as inequality, intolerance and prejudice. This campaign, in collaboration with Tiago Galo, was done across the country and encouraged learning English to bring us closer to one another.


Not knowing English can land you in awkward situations. In this campaign, we made a mascot out of the low level of English of a clumsy Bulldog that landed actor Eduardo Madeira in trouble.


Lisboa de bicicleta é bem mais Gira.

A EMEL veio provar que as 7 colinas de Lisboa não são um obstáculo: lançou uma rede partilhada de bicicletas municipais, que é hoje utilizada por milhares de pessoas. Com esse embalo, A EQUIPA foi escolhida para dar à cidade uma mobilidade mais GIRA.