Número Primo

Douro is as special as a prime number.

Número Primo is a family’s common passion for Douro wine that, together with enologist Tiago Carvalho, took ancestral vines to make a wine for the future. A EQUIPA brought even more flavor to this wine with a prime brand worthy of its name.

Business is business, wine is wine.

The name Número Primo (Prime Number or also, if the words are translated separately, Cousin Number), is a play with words that takes on several meanings. This can be the family ties of the 3 project creators and the mathematical expression that designates special and unique features that allude to the number of cousins and also the particularities of the wine.


Although heritage is a major factor in communication, the courage and the audacious vision of these three cousins allowed greater brand freedom, opening up a more creative path. We transformed the cousins’ winemaking ‘inexperience’ into a differentiating storytelling, with the right language and tone of voice.


Há um Oceanário de locais em Lisboa.

Parte da paisagem Lisboeta desde 1998, o Oceanário é uma das grandes atrações turísticas para quem visita a cidade. Os turistas são hoje viajantes, gostam de experienciar o que é genuíno, misturam-se com os habitantes e os seus costumes. A EQUIPA mergulhou na aventura de apresentar os residentes locais do Oceanário aos seus visitantes.