Get to know. Define. Develop. Communicate. The basis of our work relies on the comprehension and analysis of the universe and the context of the project. Only after we know the challenge in a sustained and structural way, can we define and create. With the acquired knowledge, we explore the possibilities to create a unique brand, with relevant and inspiring history.

Get to know.
The company. The market. The trends. The expectations and ambitions.
Data & Searches

– Benchmarking.

– Trends.

– Core targets.

– Stakeholders.

– Priority touch points.


– Motivation.

– Objectives and scope.

– Opportunities and Constraints.

– Expected results.

Work tools

– Desktop Research.

– Kick off brief with main stakeholders.

The brand conceptual and positional platform.
Data & Research

– The definition of the brand's intangibles that translate its Unique Value Proposition, values and personality.

– The brand's verbal identity definition (Signature).

3 Develop
Visual identity.
Visual Identity

– Defining the visual identity.

Brand Universe

– First approach to the graphic universe, including color and typeface study, conceptual imagery, support graphic elements for the brand's different environments.

Brand Voice

– Defining the verbal discourse.

Priority Brand Touch Points Tests

– Development tests for some of the priority touch points.

The Communication Plan.
Data & Research

– Stationery/Digital templates.

– Website.

– Online/offline communication.

– Fleet.

– Other materials.