From Office Park to Business Ecosystem

In 2018, Quinta da Fonte, one of the most well known office parks in Greater Lisbon, defined a repositioning plan set on 5 strategic pillars: Mobility, Parking, Services, Environmental Agenda and Community. The plan was drawn based on insights from its current occupants, a long with sector tendencies, allowing to define precisely what was needed to make Quinta da Fonte more appealing to who matters, the people that work there.

Our challenge?

Create a new brand for Quinta da Fonte, integrating the 5 identified pillars, helping that way to communicate to the current occupants of the Quinta, the plan of intentions for the improvement of the park, and at the same time entice new costumers for the available office spaces. What we did: · Research & strategy · Positioning · Brand voice · Identity & design

Quinta da Fonte Management

"One of our bets is to have people happy for working here."

Our knowledge of the project's history and analysis of the insights of the target audiences allowed us to confirm the path, whose feeling was evident from the beginning of the project: the Quinta had in its DNA the essential to set itself apart from the competition and attract a target increasingly sensitive to well-being at work and sustainability.

“Quinta da Fonte evolves the office park concept to adapt it to the real needs of companies and people – providing the optimal balance between life and work.”

The new “business ecosystem” positioning incorporates the new strategic objectives, reinforcing its longstanding connection to nature. In addition to being currently adopted in several areas, the word “ecosystem” helps to make the connection to one of the strategic pillars of the Quinta's plan, sustainability. The reasoning has been revised to help convey the new vision simply and clearly.

Visual Identity & Deconstruction

The "Q" was kept but redesigned to suggest a circular path (Circular Economy), combined with an original, more modern and simple typography; the color palette alludes to the natural surroundings and environmental values, mirroring the Quinta's renewed and optimistic attitude. The symbol can be “fragmented” into pieces that will allow the development of a unique and distinctive visual universe that responds to graphic and architectural needs.

Daniela Valdez

Brand Strategist

Isabel Goulart


Marta Avila


Francisca Carolina

Project Manager

Mário Mandacaru

Creative Director

Cristina Gonçalves

Project Director

Grupo Carmona

Transforming the world

The Ecosourcing group results from a joint venture created in 2012 between Carmona Investimentos and Sapec Química to explore synergies in the environmental and energetically areas. After 5 years, the brand asked us for a rebrand in order to reinforce its association to the environment and position itself in a more modern way. What we did: · Research & strategy · Naming · Brand voice & culture · Identity & design