Portugal Concept Store

A brand made from our lines.

The Portugal Concept Store brand was created for the promotion and exposure of brands of Portuguese origin. Under the concept Crafted Sophistication, we showed a modern and authentic country, that recognizes the legacy of past generations and their traditions, and valueing them. This project was developed by AICEP and launched at the 2020 Expo in Dubai in the Portuguese Pavillion store.


Ana Costa Dias

Brand Strategist

Carlos Capítulo


Luís Carvalho


Francisca Meneses

Project Manager

Marta d’Avila


Mário Mandacaru

Creative Director

Cristina Gonçalves

Project Director

Intertwined Lines.

Born from the horizon line which challenged us to explore new worlds; from the lines that intertwine in the looms to make rugs, from lace and embroidery. Lines that for many centuries haves sustianed the richeness of our architecture and form the delicate filigree pieces. They are lines that will continue to harmoniously draw the future of what we make, representing so well who we are.

João Dias
Head of Board

Absolutely exceptional work that combines technical and strategic analysis with brilliant creativity. Left and right brain working/cooperating in perfect harmony.

Carlos Pacheco
Brand & Communication Manager

Dedication. Delivery. Permanent availability. Understanding the problem. Final work quality. I want more. Reaching the end I was saying I want this EQUIPA on the next trip.

Visual Identity & Deconstruction

The "Q" was kept but redesigned to suggest a circular path (Circular Economy), combined with an original, more modern and simple typography; the color palette alludes to the natural surroundings and environmental values, mirroring the Quinta's renewed and optimistic attitude. The symbol can be “fragmented” into pieces that will allow the development of a unique and distinctive visual universe that responds to graphic and architectural needs.