Grupo Carmona

Transforming the world

The Ecosourcing group results from a joint venture created in 2012 between Carmona Investimentos and Sapec Química to explore synergies in the environmental and energetically areas. After 5 years, the brand asked us for a rebrand in order to reinforce its association to the environment and position itself in a more modern way. What we did: · Research & strategy · Naming · Brand voice & culture · Identity & design


Luis Carvalho

Motion Designer

Daniela Valdez

Brand Strategist

Marta Avila


Afonso Arraiano


Francisca Meneses

Project Manager

Francisca Carolino

Project Manager

Mário Mandacaru

Creative Director

Cristina Gonçalves

Project Director

Identity Crisis

It is part of our methodology to understand how the Group was perceived internally and externally. During this analysis, in which we spoke with members of the team and analyzed the opinion of customers, we realized that there was no consistent definition of the Group, symptomatic of a non-existent internal culture and which consequently manifested itself in a weak external image. Our recommendation was the Endorser brand architecture system. A system that allows for greater organization and coherence, signed by a “new” name for the Group: Carmona. A name that was already used internally although it was not formally assumed. A name with weight and history with the different stakeholders and that allowed recovering and expanding its brand equity.

The environment as an opportunity to communicate

We chose to use the Circular Economy theme to communicate Carmona Group's activities. This is a current issue, and of interest to all the Group's audiences, which makes their scope of action more accessible and relevant to a greater number of people. By raising its value proposition, the Carmona Group proposes to lead by example through the viability and promotion of a concept considered a national priority. Because waste management has always been at the base of the Circular Economy system, the Carmona Group can allow itself to appropriate this concept, differentiating itself from the competition whose communication focuses on technical aspects or general concepts of the sector.

Transformar o mundo

From the beginning of the project, the phrase “Our core business is to transform” had marked us. It turned out to be the brand's great truth, the catalyst for its new identity and a new internal look at the Group's purpose. This transformation gave birth to a brand that is stronger and more cohesive than ever, capable of inspiring teams and making a difference in a world in constant motion.


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