Biond, for a more active role in decarbonisation.

Originally/Formerly Celpa, is a non-profit association that brings together the industrial activity of pulp, paper and cardboard. It represents 10 companies and around 90% of national production in this segment. The main objective for the coming years is to become the future of the decarbonization of the Portuguese economy and the replacement of materials of fossil origin. In 2022, A EQUIPA was assigned to create a new name, brand and identity more in line with the great challenge it proposes.

Biond, to go beyond paper.

Celpa is now Biond. The new name joins the word “biological” to the word beyond, thus translating the ambition of this industry's new strategy: to use nature itself to save the forest and the planet. Biond typography is distinguished by its assertiveness and security. A circle “closes” the wordmark, accentuating the circular economy now present in this industry, and thus composing a new, more proprietary logo. The signature “Forest Fibers from Portugal” helps to position the brand in the right industry, also giving it an origin.

A brand that enhances sustainability.

The new graphic universe and the new communication strategy depart from the circle and reflect the new bioindustry of forest activity: more circular and greener. The graphics focus on circularity and on the commitment to give back to the forest what it gives us, in a round way. A communication made through a collection of templates by themes: exports, sustainability, energy, products and the future.


De volta a uma Trindade mais original.

A Trindade é a mais bonita e antiga cervejaria de Portugal. Nobre, democrática e popular, é um monumento histórico, Património Cultural de Lisboa e já merecia uma renovação de espaço, marca e posicionamento que, mantendo a sua originalidade, a dignificasse e a levasse para o futuro. A EQUIPA vai dar a provar uma nova Trindade de sempre.