A EQUIPA results from the sum of the experience of its founders in the development and management of brands, multiplied by the group of talented professionals gathered to ensure the best design and communication solutions in both strategic and creative scope.


In addition to having structure of qualified professionals, we work in the most diverse areas of communication, combining the most adequate resources to carry out each project.


The success of the projects is in the correct combination of the creative talents we manage, and in the involvement of the clients, with their know-how of the business and the market, in the process of structuring the best solutions.

Cristina Pereira Gonçalves

The more than two decades of professional experience in the brand management world began after completing my studies in Management and International Marketing in Lisbon and Brussels.
I started by managing Portugal’s Communication Campaign abroad in the ICEP (today AICEP) in the beginning of the 90’s. In 1995 I was challenged to join the Novodesign team where I worked with many of the most creative professionals I know, participating in numerous emblematic projects: Telecel/Vodafone, Galp, CP, Nestlé, Compal, Sumol, Jumbo/Auchan, Navigator, among many others.

I was Commercial Director at MaisDesign and returned to Novodesign, then Brandia, as Head of Client Service and, later Unit General Manager.

From 2007 to 2012 I was Global Business Manager of Shift Thinkers, responsible for the Portuguese and Angolan market.

As a Pilates instructor, graduated by Polestar International, I try to help students have a better posture, gaining quality of life. For brands my focus is the same, providing a long and healthy life.

Mário Mandacaru

After more than 30 years of professional experience in creativity, I can say that my strengths lie on the efficient and particular management of people and ideas. My journey began in São Paulo, where I completed my studies in Marketing and Communication; followed by a BA in Graphic Design at the San Francisco Academy of Arts complemented by an internship at the Esprit de Corp graphic design department. At the time the Mac Classic was not yet a classic.
In 1988 I discovered Portugal as the ideal place to live and grow as a professional, a view that I still subscribe. Here I had the opportunity to create and manage numerous national and international brands, working at Criatiza, Massa Cinzenta, Novodesign, Central de Comunicação and Brandia Central.

My ability to detect talents allowed me to manage, help develop and work with many of the best professionals in the country.

I headed the Art Directors Club of Portugal (CCP) for 12 years, and joined the board of the Art Directors Club of Europe, contacting and evaluating the work of hundreds of European professionals in this area.

As a result, leading a branding-oriented company with a modular and adaptable structure for every challenge seemed to me, since the beginning, a recipe for success. And I love to cook.