Ready for a new IT academy Tech Of.

The TechOf academy brings a solution to the enormous difficulty that companies face when recruiting in the tech industry. Behind its creation is a team of professionals with over 30 years experience in education, in partnership with Wawiwa, who is world renowned for the quality of its programs.


Pedro Leal Almeida


Francisca Meneses

Project Manager

Marta d'Avila


Mário Mandacaru

Creative Director

Cristina Gonçalves

Project Director

An identity built at the speed of digital.

The expression take off together with the word technology gave birth to TechOf, a name that is the face of teaching technology and cutting edge learning. To go even further, to the name we added the functional descriptor IT Academy. The identity uses geometrical lines that reflect the rigor and assertiveness in a bold expression that claims solidity, security and project confidence.

Fast-track to tekkie graphics.

TechOf's graphic language is inspired by a user-friendly experience in the technological universe. The assertiveness and imperative tones of visual expression give the student power, always maintaining proximity and familiarity. The essence of the brand is represented by touches of vibrant colours: the deep black of the digital universe, the bold purple associated with knowledge, the neon green of the future, the electric orange of confidence and the beige of ambience.


Lisbon by bike is so much prettier (Gira).

EMEL proved that the 7 hills of Lisbon aren't an obstacle. They launched a shared network of municipal bicycles, now used by thousands. With that momentum in mind, A EQUIPA was chosen to bring attractive mobility to the city.