Biond, for a more active role in decarbonization.

Formerly known as Celpa, it is the non-profit organization that ties the industrial activities of pulp, paper and cardboard, representing 10 companies and around 90% of the sector´s national production. The leading objective for the coming years is to become the future of the Portuguese Economy’s decarbonization and ensure the replacement of fossil origin´s materials. In 2022, A EQUIPA was called to join efforts on this mission, and develop a new naming and brand identity aligned with such challenge.


Mário Mandacaru

Creative Director

Cristina Gonçalves

Project Director

Biond, moving beyond paper.

Celpa is now Biond. A new word that blends “biologic” and “beyond”, a new name that conveys the ambition of this industry and current strategy: use nature itself to save the planet and it´s forests. The chosen typography offers an image of assertiveness and trust. A circle tops off the wordmark, symbolic of the circular economy principles that the industry now represents, and the slogan “Forest Fibers from Portugal” not only positions assertively in it´s sector, but also it’s origin, giving the new identity a bolder ownership.

A Brand that empowers sustainability.

The new graphic universe and communication strategy were based on the circular shapes of the identity and reflect the new paradigms of the bioindustry and forest activity: more circular and greener. The graphics focus on circularity and on the commitment to give back to the forest what it gives us. In a round way. A communication made through templates themed around exports, sustainability, energy, products and the future.

Wall Street English

Learning English in a team (Equipa).

Wall Street English has been in Portugal for more than 20 years, and stands from the competition for having a teaching method that is truly efficient. For 8 years now, A EQUIPA has taught Wall Street English how to speak the brand language.